Todd Herbert, hailing from the vibrant community of Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago), began his musical life at the age of 10 with the clarinet but eventually found his way to his instrument of choice – the tenor saxophone. His advanced studies in music came at the University of Miami which is considered by many to be one of the country’s foremost training grounds for jazz musicians.

Todd has been playing professionally for over 15 years and had his first break with the Charles Earland Quartet. That connection took him around the United States as well as giving him his first taste of the international scene with stops in Germany, Japan and London. Shortly after that, he toured with trumpet virtuoso Freddie Hubbard’s quintet for over two years.

In 1997, Todd moved permanently to New York where he maintains a busy schedule of composing and performing. He has performed in many of New York’s finest clubs including “Iridium Jazz Club”, “Small’s”, “Minton’s Playhouse” and “Fat Cat”. In addition to leading his own group, he has played with such jazz greats as Jimmy Cobb and Tom Harrell.

In November of 2006, Todd signed with Metropolitan Records in New York City and released his debut album “The Path to Infinity” (July of 2007). With sterling reviews on his debut CD, Metropolitan Records signed Todd on to record another CD, “The Tree of Life”, which will be released on in August 19, 2008.

“Todd’s a beautiful young cat. It’s hard to find your own way, to come up with your sounds. Todd’s on his way, he’s paid his dues.” ~Von Freeman (legendary saxophonist)

“Herbert can part the waters of an arrangement with energetic technique and tireless drive. But he also has a reserved tone that honors the cool school of the 50’s as much as the mainstream of the 90’s, and in combination with his flying fingers, it produces a gentle creative tension in his playing.” ~Neil Tesser (Chicago Jazz Reader – jazz critic)

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14. A Jazz Christmas, That Special Time of Year
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15. The Path to Infinity
  Todd Herbert
16. The Tree of Life
  Todd Herbert
17. Inspiration
  Linda Presgrave
18. Ballads in Jazz
  Todd Herbert, Billy Childs, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Xavier Davis, Linda Presgrave, Pete Yellin, Vincent Herring
19. Running With Jazz
  Linda Presgrave, Todd Herbert, Xavier Davis
20. Along the Path
  Linda Presgrave

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